Four Non-Spring Cleaning Tips with Printable

Four Non-Spring Cleaning Tips with Printable

What does the first day of spring mean for you? For me, it means a few things and weekends of spring cleaning isn’t a huge part of it:

  • Hasta-la-bye-bye junk sitting in the back of my closet, snow shovels, & toys coming out my ears.
  • Hello longer spans of sunshine, warm days, sunscreen and outdoor activities!

We used to spend a few weekends a year cleaning out our closets, drawers, cars, and any other space that could hold “treasures” for later use or viewing. I remember one weekend, my husband and I were going through our closet and I challenged him to surprise each other with the ugliest, oldest outfit we had collecting dust on a hanger. The results were horrid.

After 10 minutes, we both came out donning outfits from the mid to late 90’s. Did I mention that this was in 2012? Some of you might be thinking, that’s not too bad. Vintage clothing is back in style. Well, not vintage clothing that has shoulder pads resembling a landing strip that an Airbus A380 could easily touch ground on. We also each had pants styled after a parachute.

After having a good laugh and taking pictures of each other that we put on lock down, only to be released in case of wanting to apply for a makeover show, we decided to implore the following 4 tactics throughout the year. This has freed up our time – we no longer dedicate multiple weekends to dig through the past and wonder, what if…

Reverse Hang ‘Em – Pick a day to turn all of your hangers so that the hook is facing away from you. As you wear an item, flip the hanger.

Do this in your coat closets, too. If you find yourself in the predicament where you’re choosing an item for the day and you can’t bring yourself to wear it – donate it. If at the end of the day, you decide that you didn’t like the item worn, clean it and donate! Do not place the item back in your closet thinking “what if…” Why do that to yourself when you could be wearing clothing that fits and makes you feel comfortable.

Whatever you don’t wear after 3 to 4 months,  donate.

Small BasketsPlace on kitchen counter/drawer & in bathroom(s).

Anything you haven’t touched in a year goes in this basket. In mine, there’s an elbow brace, crab leg crackers, a gifted ladle that has too many cousins sitting in the drawer with it and some pacifier clips and covers. Seriously. If you decide to make crab legs once a year, you can use a knife to crack ’em. If they’re too bendy, they’ve been overcooked. Get rid of those as well! If you want to print out a slip of what I write down, click here. Attach these to your bags and place them in your small baskets.

Paper BagsPlace one in each room with a piece of blank paper attached with a pen.

As you come across something that needs to be donated, use this to catch those items and quickly write down what it is for tax purposes. If you’re tech savvy, use google notes to jot down what you placed in the bag. If you want to print out a slip of what I write down, click here. Attach these to your bags and place them in your small baskets.

Donate It From Your Doorstep – If you don’t have time to drop it off, you can have it picked up right from your doorstep – for free.

We order things on Amazon all the time which means that we have a lot of empty boxes to break down and put in our recycling can. Now, we’ll keep a box or two, fill it, print a label and set it on our doorstep for USPS or UPS to pick up. If you don’t have boxes from online orders, feel free to use any sturdy box – it could be a moving box you have sitting in the garage. Click on Give Back Box to get started.

What ways do you try to stay on top of clutter? Share your tips in the comments below & be sure to subscribe & follow to stay connected.



  1. These are great ideas!! Now that are twins are 1 and outgrowing their baby items we are in serious need of decluttering.

    • Yup! I have a bag in his bedroom…as soon as I try an outfit, socks, etc. on him and they don’t fit, in the bag they go. I also have one in the playroom. As soon as he’s outgrown a toy, in it goes!

  2. I enjoyed this! We stay on top of clutter by rotating through toys and putting some in storage and only leaving a few out for the kids to play with.

  3. I love this! Just wish I had more toddler free time to do it.

    • Yeah, I actually started doing this because I don’t have much toddler free time. As soon as something doesn’t fit him, it goes in the bag sitting in his room.

  4. I love this . I can’t even imagine how many clothes I forget about and don’t wear the whole year . I will definitely be implementing these.

  5. This is a great list! I love spring cleaning and I’m totally in a purging mode.

  6. Susan Croox

    This is great! It’s like you’re reminding yourself that you don’t need to keep stuff you don’t use. The hangers idea is awesome!

  7. This is exactly what we do! Isn’t it so refreshing when you get rid of all the clutter you don’t use?

  8. Great tips! We’ve just done some decluttering ourselves and have implemented some of these strategies 🙂

  9. Great tips! I’ve been Spring cleaning like crazy lately

  10. Great tips! I started doing this with my kids clothes… I’m going to have to try it with all my clutter! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’ve always rotated hangers and donated stuff-we save baby wipe boxes (the big ones, never buy disposable diapers though) and fill them with baby clothes to donate

  12. These are good points . I never thought about donating being a part of spring cleaning . Interesting


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