Kitchen Tip Quickly Soften Butter In Under 5 Minutes

Kitchen Tip Quickly Soften Butter In Under 5 Minutes

Kitchen Tip Quickly Soften Butter In Under 5 Minutes

The Story…

I was making a batch of yeast donuts and saw that it called for a stick of butter at room temperature. When you have a toddler who could wake at any moment, you don’t want to leave it to hope and karma that he’ll sleep long enough for the butter to thaw out. I used this quick hack to soften butter as I prepped ingredients. It worked out better than using a microwave – and there was absolutely no mess involved.

How many of you have tried to do it in the microwave only to melt the butter too much or worse – have it explode and pop all over the place. It’s the pits when you end up having to clean more than you intended. Who has time for that risk? Check out this little hack…it’s Genius!

Kitchen Tip Quickly Soften Butter

Items Needed

  • Butter
  • Glass or mug tall and wide enough to cover butter without touching it
  • Hot water to fill glass
  • Some kinda heating device for your water – microwave, teapot, sticks and match…you get the idea.


  1. Heat water in cup and let it sit for about 5 minutes.
  2. Pour hot water on the head of your enemy or just down the sink. If you chose the enemy route, be ready to smash the cup over their heads and run! Not serious here. Just making sure you’re paying attention.
  3. Flip cup over so that your stick of frigid butter is completely covered.
  4. Let it get toasty while you prep your ingredients.

Make sure the butter is ready to go before combining ingredients!

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Kitchen Tip Quickly Soften Butter In Under 5 Minutes


  1. This is genius. I always pop mind in the microwave for a few seconds on defrost…until I forget about it and it melts all over the microwave. Oops!!

  2. Wow!! Great tip. Thanks

  3. HAHAHA at step number 2! 😀 This is such a great method to thaw butter – hopefully I have a mug large enough to do this. Cant wait to try it! 🙂

  4. That’s so clever! I’ll definitely do this the next time I’m baking! Thanks for the tip!

  5. That is a great tip! We have a new microwave with a “soften” button, but it isn’t 100% accurate all the time.

  6. This is a great suggestion. Not something I would’ve thought of and so handy! I am another person who always uses the microwave with not a great track record for success, LOL.

  7. Natalie Aubele

    Brilliant ! A great way to not overheat the butter !

  8. This is genius! I’ve never heard of this before but will be doing it myself. Thanks!

  9. I love this tip! I forget to soften butter a lot of the time and yeah, I’ve gotten disastrous results from the microwave! I would definitely try this trick this weekend.

  10. Genius! Who knew it could be so easy? I have always just used the microwave, but this is clearly the best way to do it. thanks for sharing!


  11. Definitely had to do a double check on #2. lol thanks for the tip!!!

  12. This is such a great idea! I always have a mess in the microwave like you mentioned so I will be doing this for now on. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is just genius! What an easy idea!

  14. Nothing that irritates me more then hard butter 🙂 🙂 Thank yoU!

  15. Thats really cool tip for soften the butter. I usually put butter in microwave before using it for soften. But its actually the better one option than microwave. Thanks for sharing this tip.

  16. engrreginald

    Wow…this is a wonderful tips.

  17. Finally a solution to my forgetful baking brain! Thanks.

  18. that’s just a genius move! And I love that there’s really no waste included because you can always repurpose the heating water to burn your enemies 🙂

  19. Corinne and Kirsty

    I always struggle when I need butter because it is always so hard and I can’t cut through it. This tip is so creative and makes life easier so thanks for sharing it!

  20. This is one hack that I’ve never tried before but I’ve heard about it! I think it’s pretty fun to watch and it’s definitely effective.

  21. This is so smart! I never would have thought to do and I hate warming it in the microwave! You never know the perfect time to take it out..

  22. Great tip! Will definitely try it one of these days.

  23. Ana Vukosavljevic

    Thank you for this!! You are a geniues. Thank you, thank you soo much!

  24. I need to save this, I always forget this trick to soften it haha.

  25. Jack bransson

    I think this is genius, we soften the butter in different way and it takes so long to finish and i think this will save us a lot of time.

  26. great idea especially when I’m pulling mine from the top of the fridge very helpful post.

  27. I hate buttering bread with hard butter. This is such a great tip!

  28. What?! That is such a great idea! Way better than the microwave.

  29. Awesome post!!

  30. Oh, that’s fantastic! I’m totally doing that – when our house is sunny and warm, which is not during the winter, but all other times of the year 🙂

  31. I always have problem melting butter, or should I say burning butter because it fails most of the time. This tip is really useful!

  32. This is brilliant! Your a freaking genius. I’m doing this all the time now.


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