Antonietta: Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sibling, Learner & Educator

Let me introduce myself and what brought me to you. When we were a family of two, there was a lot of time to explore the world and dabble in whatever we wanted. It didn’t matter if we decided to pack our bags for a last-minute trip, eat at a new restaurant, spend the entire weekend cooking or catching up on an entire season of a show. We could do it with little planning and preparation.

Now that we’re a family of three, with a young scientist under the age of 5, we’ve come to understand the beauty of brevity, purpose, and being present. We haven’t become fantastic at mastering those three sisters. Far from it! There are days where we fall flat on our faces. Those challenges are tough and make us question if we’re built to handle this adventure. Thankfully, with the help of loved ones, memories, and positive experiences, we’re able to get back to center. Or, as close to it as possible.  

My hope is that you enjoy sharing in our recipes and adventures. Perhaps one day our scientist will fondly look back on this little piece of cyberspace. Maybe he’ll see it as a source of support and encouragement as he navigates the waters with his child(ren) – no pressure – or pets (that’s fine too). As always, I welcome feedback, contributions & collaboration as we move to create, play and learn in Our Cookery.